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我是龍 我會飛
Duizhang can fly (he's a dragon), draw, do martial arts, eat, sleep and whatnot but of course he's the best at airport fashion... Oh I forgot, he also knows how to play and is normally insane.
Warning: I have a weakness for crazy-bad-WTF (but funny) edits.

May Krisus have mercy on us all!

I am a 凡baby
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Director Xu Jinglei’s thoughts about Wu Yifan

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↳ Throwback

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how chen apologises for hitting chanyeol jr.

so he apologizes by riding it. nice. haha.

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you should never focus on kris in any video ever

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sweet escape do not edit

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Q: If Chen & Kris one day fell in love with the same person, what would you do?

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Somewhere Only We Know interview.

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