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我是龍 我會飛
Duizhang can fly (he's a dragon), draw, do martial arts, eat, sleep and whatnot but of course he's the best at airport fashion... Oh I forgot, he also knows how to play and is normally insane.
Warning: I have a weakness for crazy-bad-WTF (but funny) edits.

May Krisus have mercy on us all!

I am a 凡baby
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throwback: mama 2013

wupornfan waiting for his turn during the dance battle

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IQcard | do not edit.

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Birthday Countdown 2014: 1 year with Zhang Yixing - February 2014

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shades of Yifan: sex god  kawaii shit  dumbass

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good example of Jongdae’s signing technique: look at the fan 95% of the time and only 5% on the signature

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Suho - 140930 Super Junior Siwon’s instagram update: “수호 살아있네 ^^”

Translation: “Suho is alive1 ^^”

Credit: siwon1987. (1Note: Korean slang meaning that the subject is enerjetic, used in a joking manner)


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140930: Emperor Wu arriving in Beijing

photographer huang zitao;

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